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Uni Student was founded in 2015. It's a pioneering company specialized in providing academic consultations, university admissions and language institutions for students willing to study abroad.

Our headquarter is in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi. Moreover, we are officially accredited by the UAE Ministry of High Education as we are one of the most prominent companies specialized in providing university and admission services for students.

We are also accredited by international institutions and organizations, such as: the British Council, ICEF and ENGLISH UK. Our experts provide you dear students with the best consultations that qualify you to choose the best university and major as well. Just contact us right now and get the consultations you want.

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Through our expertise and connections, we can assist you to get admitted to any university in any country all over the world, such as: The United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Germany and other countries in the Middle East.

Study Abroad

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UNI STUDENT offers quality educational consultation and is specialized in providing professional assistance to a multitude of domestic and international age groups. Facilitating and consulting students in various summer programs, English programs, pathway courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

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  • Free Academic Advice
  • Choose your Major and University
  • University Admissions
  • Students Visa Services
  • Airport Transportation Services
  • Students Accommodation Services
  • Language Courses
  • Students Internship Services
  • Attestation and Equivalency for Certificates

UNI Student is the
No. 1 Choice for Students

Our headquarter is in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi.
+971 2 6505959

The Uni Student team provides
students willing to study abroad
with diverse quality services on time.

Our services - College Admissions

UNI Vision For Studying Abroad And College Admission

  • Studying abroad and providing university admissions for students.
  • Making an academic and educational distinctive leap for students; consequently, upgrading the societies to which those students belong.
  • Making an integrated educational system and guidance via Uni Students website and platform in an attempt to explore student creative talents and enrich the leadership spirit in them.
  • Providing professional academic services for students of all educational levels: undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma.
  • Providing professional academic services for students of all educational levels: undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma.

Our values

Academic transparency and distinction, as we provide professional and moral academic consultations at all levels.
Academic cooperation and boosting relations with all inputs of the educational system, including: universities, colleges or students.
Reinforcing the creation of an educational society in which the learning types and goals are diverse.
Applying the most up-to-date technological techniques that make our services easily accessed and applied.

Why UNI for studying abroad?

  • A Professional Team Of Experts And Academics:

    The Uni Student company has a professional team which consists of an elite group of academics with specialized knowledge in academic consultations and studying abroad.

  • Studying Abroad Services On Time:

    The Uni Student team provides students willing to study abroad with diverse quality services on time.

  • Distinctive Client Services:

    We continuously stay in touch with students and follow up their admission forms presented. In addition, we carry out all procedures required and provide assistance until all goals are achieved.

  • Accredited By Several Local And International Institutions:

    Due to the assistance we provide students with till they pass all academic levels, we have gained experience that made us accredited by many governmental, local and international bodies. We achieved what we always pursued to achieve in order to provide students with high quality education.

  • A Professional Team With Academic Experience And Knowledge With All What Students And Their Parents Needs To Get Their Dreams True:

    We are not only a team that helps students inside and outside their countries, we also made several initiatives through which we achieved our objectives and became very famous in different places. Moreover, we imposed our academic experiences and developed our company in a way that meets students and parents' needs during study, post study and even until reaching career stability.

  • A Centre In The Heart Of Abu Dhabi Equipped With All Students Needs:

    We have founded our own headquarter in the middle of Abu Dhabi, so that we can easily guide students to the right track and provide them with support and assistance they need to make the right choices.

  • UNI Have Connections With More Than 800 Local And International Educational Institutions:

    We have been through several stages till we made that big number of local and international relations that allowed us to reach different academic institutions and provide local and international students with guidance they need to pass their majors in a satisfying way.



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